Biodiversity Exploratories Information System

Welcome to the public data of the Biodiversity Exploratories

The general project objectives aims at understanding
  • the relationship between biodiversity of different taxa and levels
  • the role of land use and management for biodiversity and
  • the role of biodiversity for ecosystem processes.
Further information can be found on the official project website.

  • this year data release started with beginning of Nov 2018; 255 datasets with more than 35 million rows made public; more will follow
  • Release procedure
  • datasets will be published gradually by following the project data policy
  • data collection time is a critical parameter for publishing
  • project internal data policy and embargo statement refer to this time
  • data policy evolved over time, a shorter data embargo will be observed in future
  • Data update frequency
  • public datasets will be updated once a year
  • inner yearly updates on project demands can happen
  • Sensitive information
  • any sensitive data (coordinates, person names) are replaced with wild-card NAiPD (not available in public data)
  • project started in 2006
  • selection of study sites and first inventories (done by core projects) took place between 2006 and 2008
  • first contribution projects started in Feb 2008
Public data remarks
  • first datasets were made public available on April 25th, 2016
  • 1st candidates published 2016 (starting date in 2008 or before, data can span up to year 2010): 217 datasets in total
  • 2nd release in 2017 (starting date in 2009 and 2010, data can span up to year 2011): 205 datasets published
  • 3rd release started in Nov 2018 (starting date till 2014 is considered)
  • on plots in three regions in Germany: Hainich, Schorfheide, Swabian Alb
  • find information about regions and the study design here
Public data remarks
  • exact locations won’t be provided
  • most data includes localization information based on the study site naming (PlotID)
  • coordinates of the PlotIDs are rounded to two decimal places
  • ecological data regarding biodiversity including observations from animals, plants, fungi and microbes
  • land use information based on surveys and inventories
  • environmental data, e.g. soil inventories and climate data
Public data remarks
  • currently the release of ecological and soil data is in focus
  • land use information and climate data are absent (but will follow!)
  • data can be downloaded as txt file format
  • some already assembled species information of public datasets are available in a specific dataset
  • it is also published to GBIF and can be found there on our data publisher webpage

More help is provided by our data management team:
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